Selecting tracks
What is the use of selecting tracks?
Music Player can perform certain operations on selected tracks, such as sorting selected tracks only, moving selected tracks up or down, deleting, enabling⁄marking and disabling⁄unmarking selected tracks.
Selecting individual tracks
If you click on a track with your left mouse button it will be selected.
Selecting multiple tracks
You can select one or more tracks by using the keyboard ctrl and shift keys while clicking on tracks.
More specifically, when you hold the ctrl key down (on your keyboard) while clicking on individual tracks, these will be added to the selection.
When you hold the shift key down, and click on another track (than the currently selected one) a range of tracks will be selected.
Unselecting all tracks
The menu item Menu: List⁄Unselect all items will unselect all tracks.
Selecting tracks during playback
Selecting tracks during playback does not affect the order in which the items are played.
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