Playing tracks - Quick start
After having started the program, you can click on the button 'Add files' (as shown in the screenshot below) to select one or more music files (or 'tracks') for playback. Inside the file dialog, just browse to a directory containing music files, select one or more tracks and confirm your selection.
Back to the main screen, click on the 'Play' button (see screenshot below) to initiate playback.
Pausing playback
To pause playback, click on the 'Pause' button.
Please note that after pausing playback, the 'Pause' button will be replaced by 'Resume' (as shown in the screenshot below).
Resuming playback
To resume playback, click on the 'Resume' button (as shown in the screenshot below).
Prev and Next
To immediately start playing the next track (while interrupting the current track), click the 'Next' button.
To play the previous track, click on the 'Prev' button.
To stop playback, click on the 'Stop' button.
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