Enabling⁄disabling individual tracks
Music Player will only play enabled (or marked, checked) tracks and it will skip any disabled (or unmarked, unchecked) tracks.
An enabled track has a checkmark in its first column.
In the screenshot below, tracks 1 to 6 all are enabled, they show a checkmark in the first column.
Disabling tracks
You can 'disable' an individual track by clicking on its corresponding checkmark. After this the checkmark will be no longer visible. Disabled tracks will not be played.
Enabling tracks
A track that is disabled (i.e. the checkmark is not visible), can be enabled by clicking on its corresponding square in the first column. After this, the checkmark will be shown.
In the screenshot below, tracks 6, 7 and 9 are disabled (the corresponding checkmark is not visible). Music Player will skip these tracks during playback.
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