Adding tracks
Adding tracks
You can add tracks to the list of files using the button 'Add files' (as shown in the screenshot below).
Adding tracks to a non-empty list
You can also add one or more tracks to a existing list. This means that existing items in the list of tracks will not be erased when selecting new files. If no existing track is selected or the last track is selected, new tracks will be added to the end of the list. For all other cases, please see directly below.
Creating a new list
When you want to create a new list, first clear the list using Menu: List⁄Clear (see also: Removing tracks), then add the new tracks.
Inserting new tracks at a specific position
If you want to insert new tracks at a specific position in the list, select an existing track first.
Then click the 'Add files' button. The new tracks will be inserted directly after the selected track.
Inserting new tracks at the very beginning of the list
If you want to insert one or more tracks at the very first position in the list, select the first track, then insert the fiiles. Finally, move the new tracks up one position (see Moving tracks ).
Adding tracks during playback
You can add new tracks at any position while the program is playing or while it is paused.
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