Removing tracks
Removing selected tracks
You can remove selected tracks using Menu: List⁄Remove selected items. If you want to remove multiple tracks, first select these using your mouse, then click Menu: List⁄Remove selected items. See also Selecting tracks
Removing tracks during playback
You can delete selected tracks while the program is playing or while it is paused. If you try to remove the track that is currently playing (or paused), it will not be deleted (since it is in use for playback).
Removing all tracks - clearing the list
If you want to remove all tracks, use Menu: List⁄Clear
Clearing the list while playing a track
If you want to clear the entire list while Music Player is playing (or paused), it will ask you whether you want to stop playback and clear the list. If you select 'Yes', then playback is stopped and all items are removed. If you select 'No', then nothing will be deleted.
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