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HJSplit 3.0 for Windows
Updated on November 11, 2010
Freeware file-splitter and joiner for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME, all current 64 bit editions of Windows and Linux/Wine.

HJSplit 3.1 for Linux
Updated on November 21, 2010
Freeware file splitter and joiner for Linux.

HJSplit Classic 16-bit
The original version for Windows 3, which also runs on OS/2. Splits and Joins.

Splits and joins files on MS DOS.

HJSplit 1.4 Classic 32-bit
The original version for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. Splits and Joins.

HJSplit for Java
Freeware file-splitters and joiners for any computer which has Java installed.

HJSplit for PHP
Freeware PHP script for splitting files online (on your Web site).

HJSplit for Amiga
Split and join files on Amiga.

Split and join files on the MAC

For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

Tiny file-joiner for Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

About HJSplit
* Credits
* Usage and Copyright
* Future Plans

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HJSplit is a popular set of freeware file-splitting programs created by in collaboration with various programmers. HJSplit supports many platforms (Linux, Windows XP, 7, Vista, NT, 200x, 3.x, 9x, ME, Linux/wine, all 64 bit editions of Windows, DOS, Amiga, Java, etc.). All versions are compatible with each other and allow you to exchange files between these different platforms. E.g. a file split on the Amiga can be joined on Windows 2000 and vice versa.

Now what's the use of a program like HJSplit? Think of a file of 20 Mb, and try to send this to a friend. Using email this does not succeed, it is simply too large, and how to put it onto a floppy? HJSplit will enable you to split the large file into smaller chunks, which can be much more easily sent and stored.

What about a backup of very large Gigabyte sized files? HJSplit (Windows and Java version) also can handle these! E.g. HJSplit allows you to split a 10 Gb file into 640 Mb parts, which can then be stored onto CD-Rom's by your CD-writer software.

Of course HJSplit can join these split parts back together again, so that the original file is restored. Alternatively, you can use HJJoin for this, which is a tiny and specialized program for joining files.

HJSplit is very reliable, simple, small and easy to use. It does not need any installation or complicated DLLs, it just consists of one '.exe' file. This means that you can also run it directly from a USB stick or CD-Rom.

HJSplit for Windows
HJSplit 3.0
Updated on November 11, 2010
Very nice looking freeware file splitter. It splits files of any type and size. Does not need to be installed. Just click on hjsplit.exe and the program starts. This program can also handle files which are larger than 100Gb.

For a large screenshot click here

To download HJSplit (200 Kb), just click on one of the links below: (location 1) (location 2) (location 3)
For Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME, all current 64 bit editions of Windows and Linux/Wine.
Created by
HJSplit 2.2 Manual   Online version of the HJSplit 2.2 manual which you can directly open in your Web browser. Created with TreePad Business Edition

   Downloadable edition of the HJSplit 2.2 manual. This manual runs by itself without installing anything. Both manual and viewer program are contained inside one executable file (2054 Kb).
This exe-eBook is created using TreePad Business Edition and compiled with TreePad's exe-eBook Creator (freeware).

HJSplit 2.2
+ installer
+ .chm manual
HJSplitSetup.exe (859 Kb)
HJSplit program + HJSplit manual + installer. After running HJSplitSetup.exe everything is installed on your computer, including entries in the start menu. Package composed by KShare Software
HJSplit Manual
German manual for HJSplit (online, it opens in your Web browser).
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
HJSplit for Linux
HJSplit 3.1 for Linux
Updated on November 21, 2010
Freeware file splitter for Linux with full graphical user-interface . It does not need to be installed and it does not depend on any special libraries. Just extract the hjsplitlx.tar.gz archive into a directory of your choice and start the program from the Linux file manager or a terminal window. You might need to adjust the program's file permissions to 'executable'.

For a large screenshot click here

To download HJSplit for Linux (840 Kb), just click on one of the links below:
 hjsplitlx.tar.gz (location 1)
 hjsplitlx.tar.gz (location 2)
 hjsplitlx.tar.gz (location 3)
Created by:
Manual: see HJSplit 2.2 manual above

LX SplitCommand-line file splitter/joiner for Linux. Freeware, open-source, GPL. Compatible with any HJSplit version.
GTKlxsplitFreeware graphical shell (user-interface) around the command-line LX Split program above. GTKlxsplit is an open source program (GPL) and developed with the GTK+ toolset.

Download: gtklxsplit-0.1.1.tar.gz
Created by: Juan Jose Medina Olarte

HJSplit Classic for Windows and DOS
HJSplit 1.4
Freeware. The original 16-bit HJSplit version for Windows 3.1, 3.11 and OS/2.
You can also use this 16-bit version on Windows 95, 98 and ME but for these platforms it is recommended you use the other versions.

Download: (110 Kb)
Created by: Henk Hagedoorn

HJSplit 1.4
Freeware. The original 32-bit HJSplit version for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

Download: (110 Kb)
Created by: Henk Hagedoorn

for MS DOS
Freeware command-line version for MS DOS. Also runs on Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, OS/2, Mac (with emulation installed), Windows NT.

Download: (10 Kb)
Created by: Rhesa Rozendaal

HJSplit for Java
These HJSplit Java versions run on any computer which has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed. This means that you can run the Java versions on Windows, Mac, Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), AS/400, Palm OS, Psion, etc. provided that a JVM is installed there.
JAxeJAxe is a Java clone of the HJSplit program. Being written in Java, JAxe runs on any platform which supports it, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, freeBSD.
JAxe supports skins: its appearance can be easily changed by adding new skins to the program. Freeware, GPL. The JAxe home page can be found here.
for Java

A Java implementation of HJSplit with a graphical user-interface (gui) similar to the Windows version. Runs on any platform which has a Java virtual machine installed, which can be: Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, etc.
Download: hjsplit_g.jar (137 Kb)
Created by: Håkan Gustavsson

HJSplit Command-line
Version 1.1 for Java
Freeware command-line version of HJSplit for Java which can split files of 4 Gb and larger.
Download: hjsplit.class (7 Kb).
Created by Rhesa Rozendaal
HJSplit Special Edition
for Java
Extended Java command-line version which can split a file into unequal parts.

Example. Suppose you have 9 CDs or Harddisk with the following empty space: 75 Mb,130 Mb,80 Mb,17 Mb,51 Mb,2 Mb,30 Mb,106 Mb Using this version, you can copy e.g.a 362Mb file( to the following spaces with the following commandline instructions:

java HJSplit -s76800,133120,81920,

Download: hjsplit.class (7 Kb).
Unequal parts feature added by Steve Ng.
HJSplit for PHP
PHP HJSplit ScriptPHP script which splits files online (on your Website or Webserver). It is compatible with HJSplit, so you can re-join splitted parts using HJSplit's Join utility.
Version released on 2008-March-12
Created by Umit Tirpan.
HJSplit for Amiga
HJSplit for AmigaFreeware. Command-line file-splitter and joiner for Amiga computers.
Download as lha: hjsplit-amiga.lha(9 Kb) or
Download as zip: (10 Kb)
Created by: Rhesa Rozendaal.
HJSplit GUI ShellFreeware graphical shell (user-interface) around the command-line version above.
Download: hjsplit-amiga-gui.lha(13 Kb).
Created by: Rhesa Rozendaal.
Split&ConcatCompatible file Joiner/Splitter for Mac OS X. Freeware.
ChunkJoinerHJSplit-compatible Joiner which runs only on older MAC's. Freeware.
TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click here to get the free evaluation version.
Version 0.3
Professional file splitter
Beta version
Professional file splitter - compatible with the other HJSplit versions. This beta version currently can only join, split and calculate checksums. Still this version can do almost anything the standard HJSplit program can do. Besides, it is much more flexible, has an appealing user interface, and has more options. The final (non-beta) version will be able use compression and disk-spanning as well.

Download: (176 Kb)
Runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.
Created by Henk Hagedoorn

HJ Join
Freeware! Small!
Counterpart of HJSplit
An automatic freeware file-joiner. Compatible with all versions of HJ-Split. It can be used by software distributors and all others, who want to send or distribute large files through networks or on floppies. HJ-Join can let end-users automatically join the split parts back together again. These split parts were split using HJ-Split. Versions available which run on Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.
Download all versions: (44 Kb)
Created: by Henk Hagedoorn
About HJSplit
CreditsThe HJSplit versions for Windows have been created using Delphi.
The HJSplit for Linux has been created using Lazarus/Free Pascal.
The original HJSplit idea, HJSplit for Windows (all versions), HJSplit for Linux, HJ-Join are by
The Java, DOS and Amiga versions are created by Rhesa Rozendaal. ChunkJoiner for MAC has been created by Fabrizio Oddone. HJSplit Amiga GUI has been created by Mario Sarno.
NewsletterTo keep informed on new HJSplit versions, other new software and changes on, you can join our Newsletter.
Future plans(1) New versions of HJSplit PRO for Windows and Linux
(2) compression
(3) automatic checking for corruption
(4) automatic checking of split-set completeness
(5) self-joining split sets
(6) New HJJoin for Windows and Linux
(7) Whenever possible, native versions for FreeBSD and MAC.
(8) etc.
Usage and
You can use these programs in any commercial or non-commercial setting as indicated in the readme.txt files.
The copyright of the HJSplit programs belongs to the programmers who created these programs.
The copyright of this page belongs to
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